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User Training Conferences and Webinars

2019 Schedule of Events

Upcoming Webinars (Click link for details and to sign up):

This webinar on ExpertALERT is intended to help get you oriented and familiar with the basic functions of an Azima program and the methods used to enable the automated diagnostic system.

This webinar is intended for new users of the TRIO data collector and will introduce the various capabilities and how to collect quality vibration data.

Upcoming User Conferences (Click link for details and to sign up):

  • 2020 Dates still to be determined.  Check back later.

The focus of ExpertALERT 101 will be on setting up your system, which include machine blocking, sensor orientation and database creation and you will learn the fundamentals of collecting quality data. Upon completion of this course you should be able to set up the database for “simple machines”, collect quality data, review the vibration data, and generate automated diagnostic reports using the ExpertALERT software.

  • 2020 Dates still to be determined.  Check back later.

This course is intended for experienced users of the ExpertALERT. Attendees should have experience with setting up data collection parameters and have collected at least 3 to 5 valid data sets on each machine. Upon completion, an attendee will have knowledge of how to optimize the database setup so the Expert System rule base can accurately identify faults in the machinery vibration.

Online Training (eLearning)

Azima has basic hardware and software training available to registered users through the online Resource Center.  Visit Knowledge.AzimaDLI.com to get started.


Azima's Resource Center can get you started.  For best solution, Azima will spend two-days onsite to cover setting up the program and how to use the software and hardware.

Fine Tuning

The value of the Azima program comes from the analytical tools properly setup and fine tuned.  Best solution is to attend the annual EA-201 conference to work directly with Azima senior engineers.

Long-term Success

Azima's programs only have value if there are metrics and reports on findings.  Azima Program Managers are available to deliver Benchmark Reports to Managers and Executives.  Call for details.