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Azima maximizes industrial productivity on a global scale. When our clients have capacity, they can sell it. They’re serious about uptime, and rely on Azima to maximize it.  Azima delivers programs & results, not parts & pieces. We combine the efficiency of algorithms, the accuracy of data, and the judgment of experts. Azima gets results, and we do it at scale.  No one maximizes industrial productivity in more industries and places than Azima. We cover 100,000 assets in dozens of countries, on every inhabited continent.

  • No one monitors more capacity in more industries and places
  • Machine automation plus judgement of qualified domain expertise
  • When companies go big, they go Azima

Azima is a technology-powered, data-driven, service-provider that delivers
serious BUSINESS RESULTS to leading global companies.

Data Accuracy

Azima captures high-resolution data with simple-to-use portable data collectors and permanent installed devices. Azima's methodologies put collection in hands of technicians and operators, allowing analysts to focus on the risk to plant production.

Transparent Visibility

The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal gives decision makers a picture of asset health based on results from multiple diagnostic technologies. The Portal's anywhere, anytime access enables managers to stay on top of maintenance decision.

Executive Reporting

A detailed annual program assessment ensures your PdM investment is justified, plant availability is on target, data collection is compliant, and critical assets are properly monitored using best practices.